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In Facts About Washington State Tort Damages, Gendler Injured Cyclist Case, Governmental Immunity, Rob McKenna on January 5, 2011 at 12:50 am

By Catherine Fleming

A flurry of articles have surfaced in the local press about Attorney General Rob McKenna’s push to cap damages to victims of those injured due to government negligence.  These articles have incorrectly focused on large payouts to the injured citizens.

Editors and reporters have failed to note that the WSDOT representative for the Gendler case (injured cyclist awarded $8 million) stated that the amount awarded was well justified.

They also are eager to portray opponents of McKenna as “greedy trial lawyers.”  However, this misses the point entirely: Attorneys who represent seriously injured clients are focused on getting an appropriate amount of money that will pay for exorbitant medical bills, 24/7 medical assistance, lost wages, etc.

This blog and the soon-to-be website,, will provide all of the relevant facts — not just those that conveniently fit McKenna’s agenda.


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